Month: August 2018

Hating Yourself is Tiresome | Wisconsin Boudoir

Alicia, the amazing woman behind Buxom Boudoir, and I recently got together to do something that we do for other people all the time but don’t really do for ourselves…get neekid(ish) and have our own self-love experience! We each took turns posing and photographing out in nature one afternoon and I must say it was SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait to do it again!  I asked Alicia to share a little bit about her …

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To Touch Without Fear | Las Vegas Boudoir

Everyone has their story. And, to half-quote Whitman, we all contain multitudes. The things we’ve been through in life and the things we’ve overcome shape us into the people we are today, for better or worse.  I truly believe in sharing our stories. It can be very freeing for the person who is sharing but, most importantly, by being vulnerable you might be helping someone you don’t even know. Or at the very least connect …

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Find Your Fire | Wisconsin Boudoir | Duende Boudoir

I talk a lot about how a boudoir session isn’t just a boudoir session if it’s done right. How it can really change you if you open up to the experience and let yourself be vulnerable for me. I talk a lot of what might seem like ‘fluff’ to some people. But the truth is that it’s just that…true.  This is Holly. And these are her words.  “All people have their story, whether it’s full …

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