About Paige

Hellllloooo Dahhling! I’m Paige.

I contain multitudes.

But let’s just skim the surface, shall we?!

I am a dreamer, a doer, a GET SHIT DONE-er. I am full of passion and I believe in a lot of things. Things like embracing your own unique WEIRDO self, taking the LEAP, doing that THING, going to that PLACE, saying those WORDS. I believe in the NOW, because you will never be truly ready for anything and you never know when it will be too late. I also believe in puppies and dancing and the power of caffeine! Woooo!

That being said, I also believe with every single glitter-filled molecule of my being that each person deserves to feel beautiful and special and have that ‘OH MY GOD IS THAT ME?!’ moment for once in their damn life. (Or twice. Or Three times. Or every year!)

And my gift is that I can give you that. Yep, I am talking straight at YOU! You don’t need to lose any weight or get a partner first or do a million other things (excuses). Put your WEIRDO self center stage first for once, take the LEAP, do this THING, come to my PLACE and say these WORDS:

YES. I am worthy.

(It helps if you say them out loud.)

I SPECIALIZE in intimate boudoir portraiture. What the heck does this even mean and why should you care? It means that all of my passion and time is funneled straight into planning, shooting, buying, living and breathing boudoir-related STUFF! I don’t shoot weddings and I’m not going to take pictures of your adorable kids. I don’t take on senior sessions and I don’t do pets. (Well, I mean if someone plopped a dog in front of me I don’t think I could say no!) A lot of photographers take the jack-of-all-trades approach. When you shoot with me you’re getting an undiluted fountain of boudoir love. (With a little bit of fantasy mixed in.)

Posing pro at your service!

I GET bodies. Half of my life was spent in front of a mirror dancing so I really know how a body moves. I can pose you whether you’re a size 0 or a size 26. All the humans in my portfolio look pretty dang good, huh? Well none of them knew how to pose and look how great they turned out to be! Another thing that I’m really good at is capturing genuine emotion. There’s a big difference between a photographer taking a picture of you standing still with your hand on your face and a photographer who catches you caressing your face. The images don’t lie. They tell a deeper story.

The best damn hair & Makeup

Elle Miles-Eggen knows what’s up when it comes to making you look and feel AMAZEBALLS. She has this uncanny way of bringing your best features front and center, all while making sure you still look like yourself. We discuss as a team beforehand the look you’re going for so everything goes flawlessly the day of and you can just relax and enjoy the ride! Elle is a wonderful calming presence before your shoot and she’ll help you squash all those pre-shoot jitters while you’re in the makeup chair. I wouldn’t want to do this without her by my side!