Letting Go in the Shower | Minneapolis Boudoir Photographer

WARNING: NSFW (Because boobs and butts are distracting and some people get offended by the human form.) 

In order for boudoir to ‘work’ and for you to get those amazing images that really take your breath away you need to be able to LET GO. It’s something that is very hard for a lot of people but if they do, just a little bit, for a little while….we get pure magic! That’s what I got here.

I think every woman (or maybe I’m just weird)  has those moments when we are in the shower and the steam is asteamin’ and we feel alive and sultry and GALLDANGGIT why isn’t someone here to take my picture I look downright MAGICAL with this water dripping down my skin!! 

I hear ya girl. And I can take your picture you beautiful, magical, water dripping creature. Maybe you’ll even hang one IN your bathroom!