curvy boudoir

Unpredictable Magic | Indianapolis Boudoir

Photo shoots in nature are my absolute favorite…but I’ve said that many times before. I keep trying to think of why exactly I love them so much (besides the fact that I freaking LOVE nature) and I finally know why-  Everything is up to chance. The scenery changes not only by the day- things blooming and fading- but also by the minute-one moment full sun glare and the next dappled shadows.  I have to be in …

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I Needed You Ten Years Ago | Nashville Boudoir

If you actually read my blog regularly and not just hang around for the pretty pictures you will have gotten the hint that I have had a difficult time ‘accepting’ my body over the years. It’s still an uphill battle, but at least it’s no longer a full-blown apocalypse in the temple that houses my soul. And my work as a boudoir photographer has really helped me heal myself, and in turn heal others.  One …

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